Furniture lift

Are you moving and want to rent a furniture lift to lower your furniture and boxes via the exterior? Do you need a goods lift for your removals project in Brussels, Walloon Brabant or internationally?

Mister Move is the company you need.

MISTER MOVE – Furniture lift

Have you decided to move with the help of friends and family and need to rent a furniture lift to make life easier?

At Mister Move, we can supply private individuals and business with high-quality furniture lift rental services.

Our furniture lifts are easy to operate and make it possible to transport your belongings up and down via the exterior thus avoiding damaging your staircase and inconveniencing your neighbours. Our furniture lifts come with a qualified operator who will perform all the necessary manœuvres.

A furniture lift allows you to move your furniture, boxes and possessions rapidly without the need for removals experts.

Renting your furniture lift from our Mister Move team couldn’t be easier. Book the rental date of your furniture lift now with our team.

If you need any additional information about our furniture lift rental service or have any questions about your upcoming move, contact us now. We will get back to you without delay.