Tips and advice

Are you looking for expert tips and advice to help your move be a success? Do you need help to ensure a smooth move from A to Z ?

Check out our expert tips and advice!


To help with your move, we have compiled tips and advice. In our various blog articles you will find tips and ideas on how to get organised before moving day, how best to pack your boxes and how to transport your furniture. 

Organising your move has never been so simple thanks to the advice from our team of Mister Move removals experts! Take advantage of our human and technical resources for your move to Brussels, Walloon Brabant or an international destination.

If you don’t want to move by yourself and/or you’re not sure how to get organised, contact us to book an appointment. One of our experts will visit your home or business to take measurements, calculate the volume and find out which services you need to move with complete peace of mind!